OHAO Vision Statement

A future free of environmental and occupational harm to workers and communities. 

OHAO Mission Statement

To advance the profession of occupational hygiene and to serve the interests of our members by:

- sponsoring professional development and training;

- promoting public and legal recognition;

- developing partnerships with stakeholders;

- providing public education;

- fostering communication and networking

For information on OHAO's Values and Diversity and Inclusion Statement click here.

2024-2025 OHAO Board of Directors





 Craig Maunder, MSc, CIH, CSP


President Elect:


Wagish Yajaman MHSc, CIH, CRSP


Past President



James Crichton, CIH, ROH



John Petherick, CIH, ROH





  • Mey Abdawi, MSc, ROH
  • Jessica Barua MPH, CRSP, CIH
  • Jason Chevrier CRSP, MBA
  • Jeff Mallany ROH
  • Kimberly O’Connell M.Sc (A), CIH, ROH, CRSP
  • Seema Sharma, CIH


Executive Manager:



Jason Boyer


Volunteer Opportunities!

OHAO is always looking for volunteers to participate on our various committees.  It's a great opportunity to connect with other members and give back to your organization and industry while learning new personal and professional skills.  See below for the OHAO committees members can volunteer for.

Mentoring Program Committee

The Mentoring Program Committee was formed in 2015 to manage and guide the OHAO mentoring program.

Chair: Chun-Yip Hon, PhD, CPHI(C),CRSP.CIH

Membership Committee

To review applicant qualifications and recommend appropriate membership category to the Board of Directors for their approval; to develop programs to increase membership; and, to update and produce the annual Membership Directory.

Chair: Rhiannon Filip, CIH, ROH, CRSP

Communications Committee

To provide membership with relevant information via the OHAO Newsletter, website, social media platforms, etc. 

Chairs: Erin Kennealy, CIH, Newsletter Editor: Negin Ghanavatian, MHSc

Nominations Committee

To recruit candidates from amongst the membership and to conduct the elections for the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

Chair: Anne-Marie Landis-Groom, BSc, MHSc, CIH, ROH

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