The Hugh Nelson Award

The Hugh Nelson Award of Excellence in Occupational Hygiene may be presented annually to an individual who has worked or is working as an occupational hygiene professional in a full-time capacity. The recipient of the award will receive a cash award and a plaque.

The nominees will be contacted by the selection committee at which time they will be requested to submit detailed information regarding their achievements.

Hugh Nelson Award Recipients

  • 1995 Roland Hosein, CIH, ROH, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, GE Canada Limited
  • 1996 Dave Verma, CIH, ROH, Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory, McMaster University
  • 1997 Gyan S. Rajhans, P.Eng., CIH, ROH, District Manager, Peel North District Office, Ontario Ministry of Labour
  • 1998 Neil Murray, CIH, ROH, Manager Industrial Hygiene & Product Safety, Imperial Oil Limited
  • 1999 Om P. Malik, CIH, ROH, Acting Director, OH&S Branch, Ontario Ministry of Labour
  • 2000 Andrea Sass-Kortsak, PhD, CIH, ROH, Associate Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health Unit, University of Toronto
  • 2001 Alberto Behar, PEng, CIH, President, A. Behar Noise Control
  • 2002 James Purdham, PhD, ROH, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Services, University of Toronto
  • 2003 David M. Halton, CIH, ROH, Ph.D., CRSP, President, David M. Halton & Associates Inc.
  • 2004 Joy L. McGuire, CIH, ROH, Director Occupational Health & Safety Services, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2005 Ugis Bickis, PhD, CIh, ROH, Environmental Hygienist/Toxicologist, Phoenix OHC, Inc
  • 2006 Otto Peter, CIH, Manager Health SAfety & Industrial Hygiene, General Motors of Canada
  • 2007 Lydia N. Renton, CIH, ROH, Director IH and OHS, Water and Earth Science Associates Limited
  • 2008 - 2010 No recipients
  • 2011 Margaret Fung, MHSc CIH ROH, Manager Health & Safety, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  • 2012 Lorraine Shaw, BSc, CIH, ROH, Laboratory Coordinator, McMaster University
  • 2013 Richard Quenneville, BSc, CIH, ROH, Director Occupational Hygiene, T Harris Environmental Management Inc.
  • 2014 Catherine P. Tracy (Posthumously), Environmental Health and Safety Officer, Peel District School Board
  • 2015 Marianne Levitsky, CIH, ROH
  • 2016 Paul Bozek, CIH, ROH
  • 2017 Ina Chomyshyn, CIH, ROH
  • 2018 No recipient
  • 2019 Nancy Wilk, HBSc, MHSc, CIH
  • 2020 No recipient
  • 2021 J. Marc Cousineau (Posthumously). Ontario Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development
  • 2022 John Oudyk, ROH, CIH

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